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Alice Mattsson - Inspirationsföreläsning

Fredag 30/9 13:30

Alice Mattson is a young entrepreneur who has created a reusable pregnancy-test and very successfully put it on the market. She is very passionate about female entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation and wants to share her knowledge and experience with us during a lecture on Friday afternoon. The lecture will be held in English, but you will have the opportunity to ask questions in Swedish as well. Come to MH and listen to the lecture, eat some baked goods, ask questions and discuss innovation for an hour, then we all head to Fredmans Pub to kick off the weekend as per tradition!

Where?: MH lecture hall

Time and date?: 13:30 on Friday 30/9

Sign-up is done in F-appen. It is not mandatory, we just want to know how much fika to prepare!

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